Drink Water to lose weight!

Your body is made up of water… almost

Ever wondered how much water does a human being has in his or her body?

  • 50 to 65% of an adult’s body is made up of water
  • Up to 78% of infant’s body is made up of water

So, yeah! Our bodies need water.

Bottle Water

Let’s drink up!

Our bodies need to replenish the water we lose a lot of it during breathing, perspiration, urination and bowel movements.

Sedentary Lifestyle (low physical work)

  • A male should drink up to 3 Litres of water (close to a gallon)
  • A female should drink up to 2.2 Litres of water (close to 0.60 gallon)

Active Lifestyle (high physical work or close to an hour of exercise a day)

  • Male – 80 Kgs (176 pounds) should drink approx. 3.8 Litres of water (more than a gallon)
  • Female – 60 Kgs (132 pounds) should drink approx. 3 Litres of water (close to a gallon)


Dangers of not drinking enough water

Warning: Not drinking enough water can make you sick, cause long term health issues and can also kill you.

  • Drinking less water can increase body temperate, reduce your motivation levels, feel tired and makes your exercise difficult both physically and mentally.
  • Not drinking enough water can impair many aspects of brain function
  • Not drinking enough water can worsen headaches and migraines
  • Low intake of water can lead to constipation
  • Not drinking enough water may lead to Kidney stone formation
  • Not drinking enough water can lead to skin problems, such as Acne


Okay! But how will I lose weight by drinking water?

Research shows drinking every half a litre (17 ounces) of water was shown to increase metabolism by 25-30% for up to 1.5 hours.

Nutrition consultant and author Chris Aceto explains: “The consensus in the bodybuilding community is that high water storage within muscles acts as an anabolic factor. This allows the muscles to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which directly impacts muscle growth.” More the Muscle in the body, higher the metabolism, leading to increased fat loss.

Drinking more water helps your liver to effectively metabolize body fat, which will aid in weight loss leaving you with a lean and ripped physique.


Liquid is not always water

Drinking aerated drinks or soft drinks will dehydrate you. You lose close to 8-9 glasses of water for every one glass of Soft drink.

Drinking lots of coffee though good for several reasons, will leave you dehydrated, so consider drinking water after a cup of coffee.

However, drinking liquids such as fresh fruit juice, green smoothies etc., are a better option to keep you hydrated while enjoying a drink other than water.



Drink enough water to ensure you stay hydrated. This helps you in keeping you happy and motivated while heling you increase your metabolism. The added benefits being weight loss and well lubricated joints for optimum mobility and injury free workouts.


EAT responsibly, EXERCISE willingly, HYDRATE heartily and REST blissfully….!!!!


<<< PEACE OUT >>>


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